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Save up to 95% of the cost of renovating your parents’ home with EASE


Falls are a leading cause of serious injuries among the elderly in Singapore. We all want our parents to be able to move around safely and comfortably in their own homes. But did you know that the cost of renovating your parents’ home can be greatly reduced with the right government subsidies? In this post, we focus on the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) which subsidises the cost of home improvements done to an elder person’s bathroom, living rooms and etc. Since EASE was introduced in July 2012, it has been used by more than 74,000 senior households.

Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE)

EASE subsidises up to 95% of the cost of renovating your parents’ HDB flats to make them more elder-safe. The amount of subsidy is based on a means test.


  • Get up to 95% subsidy for home improvements

  • Installment of:

    • Slip-resistant floor tiles in toilets

    • Grab bars for toilets (8-10 for first toilet, 6 for the second toilet

    • Up to 5 ramps in the flat


How to apply:

Visit HDB to learn more about the subsidy

Everything You Need To Care For Your Ageing Parents

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