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Senior Therapy

Therapy At Home

Specialised Care In The Comfort Of Your Loved Ones' Home

Home therapy provides your loved ones with a more personal and convenient recovery process. Receive one-to-one attention from your therapist and personalised feedback tailored to the progress of your loved one's condition and lifestyle. Save time and effort without the need to travel to hospitals and centres.

Occupational Therapy
Activities of Daily Living

Essential for recovers and maintaining the capacity to perform everyday tasks required for daily living, self-care, leisure and work. Our Occupational Therapists customise treatment programs based on your parent’s unique lifestyle, living environment and preferences.

From $175 / session


For walking again after a fall or stroke. Includes neurological rehabilitation, pain management, fall prevention, prescription of aids and appliances, etc. Physiotherapy for your parent at home is personalised and ensures convenience and privacy as they maintain their mobility and independence.

From $175 / session

Movement, Flexibility & Balance
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Speech or Swallowing Difficulties
Speech Therapy

Recovery of speech, voice and swallowing functions. Suitable for individuals who have had a stroke, head and neck cancer, respiratory illness or Parkinson’s Disease.

From $200 / session

Everything You Need To Care For Your Ageing Parents

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