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Home Nursing

Home Care For The Ones You Care About Most

You don’t have to be alone in caring for your parent. Get home nursing help from an experienced nurse to assist you in anything from changing a catheter, to long-term assistance with daily living.


Our nurses are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and trained experienced in home care. While a home nurse may be more expensive, it is often not medically feasible for a domestic helper to fulfil all of the needs of the patient during various stages of recovery and ageing.

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Post-Hospitalization Care

After discharge from the hospital, going back for simple medical procedures can be straining. A home nurse can perform these procedures at home, including changing of catheter, stoma pouch or PICC line. We also assist with feeding through NGT or PEG process, wound care and injections.

From $80 / procedure

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair
Respite Care

Our professional home nurse can take over temporarily when you need to run an errand or when your domestic helper is off. On short notice, our nurses can be engaged for several hours or several days (e.g. while you are traveling). It's often good to have a regular nurse that your parent is familiar with.

From $30 / hour

Caregiver with Patient
Assistance For Daily Living
(Trained Caregiver)

If your parents require help in going about their daily routine, our caregivers can aid them in tasks such as feeding, dressing, washing, and even running errands. We provide personal 1-to-1 care and accompaniment so they feel like they are in the care of family.

From $25 / hour

Dementia Care

Caring for someone with dementia requires special expertise. Experienced dementia nurses provide total care and take steps to slow the progress of dementia.

From $27 / hour

Nurse with Patient
Escort For Appointments
(Trained Caregiver)

Our professional medical escort can help to accompany your parents to and from their medical appointments, dialysis or daycare centres. It's good to have someone trained to keep them company and safe on their outings.

From $20 / hour

Everything You Need To Care For Your Ageing Parents

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