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Medical Record Analysis

Health Management

Be on top of your parents’ health with less time needed when you have doctors to monitor and manage their health indicators and chronic conditions.


You can be proactive in taking preventive steps and detecting medical problems early to reduce the cost and impact of age-related illnesses.

Woman Having Eyes Examined
Comprehensive Eye Screening

Eye diseases such as mascular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and dry eye are relatively common specially after age 40 and can cause blindness and decrease your quality of life. Many develop without symptoms and can be inherited.

$248.00 $186.00 (inclusive of GST)


Cataract Surgery
Cataract Screening
Surgeons in Operating Room
Specialist Appointments

A cataract develops when the lens in the eye becomes cloudy. This interferes with light passing into the eye and causes visual impairment. When a cataract is small, changes in vision may not be noticeable at early stages.

Arrange for your parents to see the right doctors for their medical conditions from our pre-approved specialist panel. Know the course and cost of treatment beforehand, and save time waiting for appointments.

$88.00 $66.00 (inclusive of GST)



Doctor and Patient
Health Screening

Customised home-based screenings help detect conditions that are age-related or common in your family’s history. This means focusing only on essential tests, which, done regularly, can track your parent’s specific conditions to detect any deterioration over time.

Packages from $80


Did you know that many vaccinations – e.g. influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations – are Medisave claimable? Vaccinations are often conveniently available at the nearest GP and getting vaccinated is one of the easiest steps towards health maintenance.

From $35

Tofu Salad
Nutrition Consultation
Doctor's Appointment
Doctor Home Visit
Doctor with Mammography
Diagnostic Tests

Colonoscopies and mammograms are among the diagnostic tests recommended by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. Early detection and treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses can save a lot of pain and expense in the future.

Mammogram: From $50
Colonoscopy: From $1,100
Others: Enquire with us

Ensuring that your parents have the right diet is important for preventing diseases from occurring or worsening. A nutritionist helps customise a nutrition plan for your parent’s condition, whether it be for diabetes or weight loss.

For the times when your parents are unable to get out of the home, arrange for the doctor to visit them.

From $100

From $250

Everything You Need To Care For Your Ageing Parents

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