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2 subsidies for the elderly to remain mobile and independent


As caregivers, it is important to encourage an independent and active lifestyle for the elderly. In this post, we will introduce 2 subsidies that can help the elderly stay active. The Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund allows the elderly to purchase mobility aids, while the Passion Silver Concession Card offers cheaper public transport fares to help them be on the go!

A. Seniors’ Mobility And Enabling Fund (SMF)

The SMF provides a one–time subsidy to purchase an assistive device or offset the costs of home healthcare items and transportation to selected centres.


  • Up to 90% subsidy for assistive devices – walking sticks, wheelchairs, pushchairs, commodes, pressure relief cushions and hospital beds

  • Subsidies for transportation cost to MOH-funded Eldercare Centres, Dialysis Centres and Hospices, depending on means-testing

  • Subsidies for home healthcare items – catheters, milk supplements, adult diapers, nasal tubing and wound dressings, depending on means-testing


  • First time applicant

  • Singaporean, aged 60 and above

  • Pass means-test under Ministry of Health’s Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) non-residential framework

  • Household monthly income per capita of $1800 or less, (for Assistive Device and Home healthcare items) or $2600 or less (for Transportation)

  • Undergo assessment to determine the type of devices or healthcare items required

How to apply:

  • Download the application form and terms and conditions

  • Submit the following documents to apply for subsidy:

  • Complete forms

  • Copy of Applicant’s NRIC (front and back)

  • Copies of medical reports, if available

  • Copies of financial assistance documents, if available

  • Mail the documents needed to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

Visit Silverpages to learn more about the subsidy

B. Passion Silver Concession Card

The concession card allows an elderly person to enjoy cheaper fares when traveling by MRT/LRT/bus. They can also enjoy huge savings when they travel long distances and to rehab centres.


  • Cheaper train and bus fares

  • Extended green man time at pedestrian crossings


  • Singaporean, aged 60 and above

How to apply:

  • An invitation pack will be mailed out on each individual’s 60th birthday

  • Alternatively, if the card is not received, they can apply through

    • TransitLink ticket office

    • TransitLink website

    • TransitLink mobile services for Apple Appstore l Google Play

  • Mail documents to Transit Link Pte Ltd

    • Copy of Applicant’s NRIC (front and back)

    • One colour passport-sized photograph for the concession card

Visit TransitLink to learn more about the subsidy

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